• The Midwest's Yaoi and Boys' Love Convention
  • St. Louis, MO

Pre-registration for Bishie Con 2010 will be open soon!

2010 Pre-Registration Prices (full weekend):

$20 at Kawa Kon 2010 (buy at the registration desk)

$25 until June 1

$30 until August 1

$35 until October 1

$40 until December 7

At-Door Prices:

Full Weekend - $50, Friday - $20, Saturday - $30, Sunday - $15

Weekend badges include continental breakfast in the con suite on Saturday and Sunday morning.

Attendees under 18 get $5 off the full weekend registration price.


The Fine Print:


Your Bishie Con registration does NOT include a hotel room or food. Badges are required to enter all convention rooms and events EXCEPT the viewing room.

You will be required to surrender your badge to the librarian when you check out a book in the manga library, but you will get it back when you hand your book back in (in the same condition as when you checked it out).